Storage Wars, Northern edition

In Whitehorse, purveyors of empty space are enjoying a seller’s market
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Liquored up – or getting licked?

The debate rages about Norman Wells’ bustling (some say bruising) alcohol business
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Buy low, sell high

Denendeh Investments-backed DEMCo looks to break in to the mining game
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Look east

Should Nunavut follow Greenland's lead on energy savings?
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Welcomed with open arms (and wallets)

With devolution looming, the GNWT looks to recruit more than a few good men and women
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All the offshore’s a stage!

It’s showtime, folks. The actors are lining up for their latest play in the Beaufort Sea theatre and the tickets are going fast. Read More

HASSELBACK/Come back, prospectors, come back!

The Supreme Court of Canada has decided not to hear a case that could have made some important mining law. Read More

HALLIDAY/The true cost of turnover

THIS IS NO PICNIC! Working and living conditions on this job are as difficult as those encountered on any construction job ever done in the United States or foreign territory.Read More