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Le Nord est-il pour moi? / Is the North for me?

By Maxence Jaillet Les communautés francophones du Nord recherchent, recrutent et accueillent.

Building at (and for) 40 Below

By Peter Burrows It ain’t easy, making something new at minus-40. In fact, it’s sometimes downright impossible.

The dragon and the polar bear

By Lauren McKeon Battered by recession and hungry for cash, mining companies are turning away from traditional partners and courting Chinese investment with increasing success.

Bruised But Not Broken

The three territories sidestep the worst of the economic meltdown.

The Yoga Business

By Laurie Sarkadi- With enviable results, Judy McNicol has brought the principles of ashtanga yoga – selflessness, restraint, austerity, discipline




Help Wanted

By Katharine Sandiford -- You might not be surprised to hear there’s a government program to help Yukon businesses

Top Northern Employers

Up Here Business decided to run a little contest. We invited employees from across the North to tell us what makes their company a great place to work.